Pure Authentic Worship towards the Father

The Father is looking for a very pure, authentic and intimate response from those of us who are His. A response to His love, with our love, which is pure and not driven by the form of religion. Meaning, where we give Him love that comes purely from our gratitude and love towards Him which is, a direct result of the overflow from our private worship. Thus, here is my private prayer I now share publically…

When you Look into Chambers of my Heart (Proverbs 20:27)

May you find integrity
May you find truth and light
May you find humility
May you find honesty
May you find righteousness

May you find, denial of my flesh
When you look into the inner chambers of my heart
May you see,
you inside of me, taking over, having TOTAL dominion
and me, not subjected to my flesh.

When you look into the inner chambers of my heart
May you, ultimately stand proud and not disappointed.

May my heart glorify you and may it, truly be Set Apart for your glory, affecting generations to come, with a name that is a blessing and not a name erased from memory,
but a name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.
When you look into the inner chambers of my heart, with the light of your Holy Spirit, may what you see, please you, in all sincerity. Amen

This is my prayer what is yours?
This is an exert from my book soon to be released book.
Scribed by Sepia Gladden
All Rights Reserved

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