Be Radical

For Jesus,

Be an outcast

Be laughed at

Considered crazy, literally

Be ludicrous and what some may say, lazy

Due to you, putting your trust in God, instead of yourself and or man.

Be in the mind of others, considered timid, weak, and DO be shunned.

Yet, in all of that, be not deceived and know this,

The true ways of God, are without doubt, complete foolishness to man

And God, has chosen the weak and foolish things of this world

To confound the wise

Being, those dependent upon the wisdom of this world

And or humans, throughout the land.

Therefore, DO, go against the crowd

Do choose to be a part of the minority

Here on this earth, opposed to the majority.

Do take the pain and rejection now, for Jesus name.

This way, when it’s all said and done, you’ll inherit the guaranteed gain.

Do, allow the Lords will, to truly be done and His kingdom, to really come

Here on earth, as it is in Heaven.

Know, that it’s more than ok, to be known

As being a loner or solitude as others may say,

Opposed, to dining and feasting on the devils pleasures.

© All Rights Reserved

Scribed by Sepia Gladden (

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