9 Souls NOT lost in vain!

In hearing about the tragic event that cost 9 souls their lives though yes, I felt the great pain, I as well, immediately witnessed the Glory of God. To see clearly how their lives were NOT taken in vain.

In fact, as a result to their lives being taken, I once again heard momentarily, the name of Jesus Christ be publically proclaimed nationally. I saw a preacher preach a message, in a church, in a traditional service broadcast live across the world on CNN News. I read the newspapers of how the family members stated, they forgave the killer, which by the way, that witnessed greatly to the whole world. I saw some blacks, whites, asians etc. be united. I saw the racial issue attempt to be addressed.

And so, to be quite honest the Glory of God I witnessed as a result to this, was just amazing and over taking. And that’s when I realized how, their lives were not taken in vain.

For I KNOW and have no question about it, that as a result, of this tradegy, souls WERE ushered into the Kingdom of God, being that in which, ultimately the Father wants. I as well, came to better understand just how it is, that we’ll begin to see in part, the kingdom of God be manifested here on earth.
Therefore, though again souls were lost on the other side, it was awsome to have been able to witness the Glory, and this is where I saw the Father take the evil and make it work for His good.

May the families of the love ones lost feel the supernatural comfort and overwhelming love of the Father during their time of grief. Amen.

Sepia Gladden
All Rights Reserved 2015

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